Medium Density Overlay (MDO) panel detail

Product Description

High and Medium Density Overlay plywood (HDO and MDO) combine the toughness of exterior-type plywood with the superior wear of an overlaid surface. This makes HDO and MDO among the most durable construction materials on the market today.

HDO and MDO feature highly durable, resin-impregnated fiber faces. The thermoset resin, bonded under heat and pressure, forms a very tough surface that easily resists abrasion, moisture penetration, chemicals, and deterioration. HDO is manufactured with more resin than MDO, but both are far more durable than standard plywood and are ideal for use in the most punishing of applications. In addition, they retain plywood’s advantages, such as high strength-to-weight ratio, dimensional stability, and rack resistance, as well as plywood’s design flexibility. Panels are available in large sizes and can be worked with common woodworking tools.

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HDO (High Density Overlay) is a high density, phenolic impregnated, paper overlay on a Douglas Fir/Hemlock plywood panel. Ideal for concrete forms and re-usable in most cases.

Thickness Item Size Description
3/4″ 85455 4 x 8 G2S
1-1/8″ 85460 2 x 8 G2S
85465 4 x 8 G2S

MDO (Medium Density Overlay) is an exterior grade plywood, faced with a resin-impregnated fiber overlay. The surface of MDO is smooth and provides for a superior paint finish. When properly installed, MDO resists cracking, crazing, peeling, checking and blistering, even under the toughest weather conditions. Less primer is required than non-overlaid plywood.

Thickness Item Size Description
3/8″ 85260 4 x 8 G2S 2-STEP PRIMED 2S
1/2″ 85280 4 x 8 G1S 2-STEP
85320 4 x 8 G2S 2-STEP
85340 4 x 8 G2S 2-STEP PRIMED 2S
85343 4 x 10 G2S 2-STEP PRIMED 2S
5/8″ 85347 4 x 8 G2S 2-STEP PRIMED 2S
3/4″ 85430 4 x 8 G1S 2-STEP
85440 4 x 8 G2S 2-STEP
85442 4 x 8 G2S 2-STEP PRIMED 2S
85443 4 x 10 G2S 2-STEP
1″ 85444 4 x 8 G2S G2S
Thickness Item Size Description
3/4″ 85445 4 x 8 TUF-TRED G1S*

*Exterior grade plywood with polyglass overlay face / smooth back.

* Stocked in Hawaii only

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