Hardboard panels

Product Description

Hardboard is a compressed, composite board. Fiber residuals are saturated in a wet process and then compressed to specific gravity. A fine fiber overlay is applied to create smooth faces, typically dark brown in color.

Features Applications Notes
  • Smooth, grain free surface.
  • High modulus of rupture.
  • Excellent paintability.
  • Drawer Bottoms
  • Dividers
  • Cabinet Backs
  • Cabinet Partitioning
  • Cost effective material for basic use. Great either uncoated or save time with custom ordered pre-coated colors.
  • All stock items are considered high density hardboard. Standard manufactured product has a density range of 50 to 80 P.C.F. Tempered items are manufactured to a density range of 60 to 80 P.C.F.
  • Material should be stored in a dry, covered area, and on a flat surface.

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Thickness Item Size Detail NAF
1/4″ 83520 4 X 8 1S RAW PEGBOARD Yes

Thickness Item Size Detail NAF
1/8″ 83400 4 X 8 1S Yes
1/8″ 83640 4 X 8 2S Yes
1/4″ 83760 4 X 8 2S Yes

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